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Welcome to the outlaw society

An Ambassador Program Built To Support

Whiskey Loving Country Music Artists Across America.


How it works

We created the STRUT Outlaw Society to be as much of an "everybody wins" program as possible. Once admitted, we'll create a unique promo code for you and your followers. Every time you share the magic of STRUT and someone buys STRUT Whiskey with your promo code they'll get 10% off all purchases and you'll get back a percentage of each sale to help fund the journey that is being an up and coming Country Artist during this unprecedented COVID 19 Pandemic. You’ll also earn an equal amount of ‘STRUT Bucks’ that can be used in our online merch shop and, of course, to buy more STRUT Whiskey. 


Tiered Kickback Percentage Scale:

Bottles 1-100: $4

Bottles 101-250: $6

Bottles 251+: $8


  • Apply to be a member of The Outlaw Society below

  • If selected, we'll send you a Welcome Box with info on the program, details on our patent pending process that creates our unique flavor and, of course, a sample of STRUT Whiskey 

  • We also send you your custom promo code (i.e. "JOHN2020) to share with your audience

  • Each time someone purchases STRUT Whiskey with your promo code, they'll receive 10% off their purchase and you'll receive a portion back yourself to support you and your musical journey as well as a matched amount in ‘STRUT’ Bucks

tell us:

Thanks for submitting, we'll be in touch soon.

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